Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions you are unsure about, please feel free to call. We will be happy to point you in the right direction!

I have a hold on my account, what should I do?

Students with a hold (Negative Service Indicator) on their account can contact the office that placed the hold for information regarding how to have it removed. Contact information is available on students’ UA Connect portal. Students cannot drop or change courses once a hold has been placed. 

I have a medical condition that requires accommodations, who do I contact?

In most cases, accommodations will be provided through the Center for Educational Access

I’ve caught the flu…who do I call?

You should notify your instructors as soon as possible of your absence from class, if necessary. If you are seen at Pat Walker Health Center, you can sign a release that allows them to notify us of your illness and we will provide confirmation for your instructors if requested. If you were not seen at the Pat Walker Health Center be prepared to provide the documentation if requested. Feel better soon!

I’m afraid I have lost my scholarship or non-resident tuition award, help?!

If you fear that circumstances have caused you to possibly lose financial aid, you should contact the following offices: Scholarship Office,, 479-575-4464 and/or Student Financial Aid Office,, 479-575-3846. You may also contact the Office of the Dean of Students and we can talk you through some steps to help. 

I have had a death in the family and need to leave campus. What do I do?

You should notify your instructors preferably by email as soon as possible. Include when you will be leaving or when you left campus and when you expect to return. Be prepared to provide documentation if requested. Please refer to you class syllabi regarding your instructors’ absence policies. The Office of the Dean of Students is available to advise you with any issues that arise after your return to class.

I am not sure if I should drop my classes or stay enrolled this semester. Can someone help me?

Of course! We are happy to meet with students to explore their options with them. Call and schedule an appointment with our case manager at your convenience as soon as possible. Additionally, consult our Withdrawal information sheet for other offices to contact when making this decision.

My instructor gave me a bad grade, can you help change it?

No, grades are an academic issue. Please contact the academic dean of your college or refer to the Student Grievances and Appeals section of the Catalog of Studies. 

I have had financial issues and am experiencing food insecurity, where can I go for help?

Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Campus Food Pantry was established by the Volunteer Action Center in February 2011 as a student-run emergency food assistance program that distributes food and personal products to all members of the University of Arkansas community. Full Circle's motto is nourishing bodies, empowering minds, and building a community of compassion. Pantry volunteers strive to offer an accessible, compassionate, and dignified environment to supplement the nutritional needs of the University of Arkansas community. If you have any questions feel free to contact or call (479)575-7693.